Major disturbances to boreal forests include a severe unprecedented mountain pine beetle epidemic and large-scale forest fires. Researchers also expect drought and warming climates to reduce forest growth and survival. Photo courtesy of Miriam Isaac-Renton

Intolerant trees

With our climate warming at an unprecedented rate, researchers expect the changes to disproportionately affect northern boreal forests, which play a key role in carbon and water cycles. Research is looking at solutions to help keep forests healthy and productive.

I scream, you scream…

Will people scream for plant protein ice cream in the future? A growing global population needs sustainable, nutritious food sources, and incorporating protein from crops such as oats, peas, lentils and canola into everyday food items can help.

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You are what you wear

The symbolic function of clothing has remained constant over thousands of years, while materials and production methods have changed dramatically. The history of clothing is a fascinating combination of technology, personality and sentimentality.

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Youth voice their desire for change

A group of high school students from 13 countries met in Edmonton to present a position paper at a climate change conference, while at the same time a class of university students tracked their often emotional experiences. The students’ voices carried powerful messages of fear, determination and the desire for change.

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Nutrition deficit

With one-third of children malnourished when admitted to pediatric hospitals, research is focusing on a tool to identify patients at risk.

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Size matters

Biologists have known for decades that the largest tracts of land aren’t necessarily the most biodiverse. Sometimes, several smaller patches of habitat can host more species than one large patch of equivalent size. One researcher is asking how the loss of the smaller patches would affect diversity.

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